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So tell me, what is a learning tower?

Learning Tower. Montessori Kitchen Helper. Toddler Tower.

There are so many names and different designs for it, but what they all have in common is they provide a safe, secure platform to raise a child to counter height so that they can participate with the world around them. From helping in the kitchen, to independently washing their hands in the bathroom, a learning tower encourages independence and increases your child's opportunities to learn and help around the home.

Can you recall how often have you had to hold a squirmy toddler on your hip while trying to cook? Or perhaps running between your legs, all while you’re precariously trying to drain your boiling pasta water in time for dinner?

If you’re anything like me, it’s too often to count, and it’s most certainly a stressful situation I’d love to avoid. This is where a safely designed learning tower has its place. No more holding your child on your hip, or dodging them as you drain your pasta.

A learning tower offers your child the freedom to climb up and down as they please, giving them the ability to join in on the fun. It will be your child’s new best friend!

Do I need a learning tower?

From our experience as parents, our adjustable Casa learning tower really gave our son a sense of independence and confidence. Not only that, but the true value really came from the moments and memories in the kitchen that would never have happened without this piece of furniture.

Sure, you can have your child sit on the counter or perhaps use a step stool or chair, but the height was never "just right". Plus, the added security of the enclosed sides of a learning tower removes the stress of worrying about whether your child will forget they were on a step stool (because sometimes, kids just get really engrossed in what they're doing!) and slip off a chair. The use of a learning tower also allows you to focus on the things that matter: the task at hand and creating enjoyable, lifelong memories with your child.

Whether it’s baking with mom or dad in the kitchen, or keeping messy activities off the floor, your learning tower will be a prized possession for years to come. 

We really love hearing all the things that your children get up to in their learning towers, so please share in the comments below!

PS - If you're in the market, check out our height-adjustable Casa Tower which are Canadian designed AND made learning towers. 

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Fanny Tsang

Fanny Tsang

March 01, 2021

I didn’t think we needed one for our baby boy but it was always so much more work making sure he was secure and safe while cooking or cleaning than actually enjoying the moment with our son. We bought one to try it out and it was amazing – I was able to enjoy the time with my baby boy in the kitchen and watch him learn and grow on his own!

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